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DTE scaler (Satelec compatible) DTE scaler (Satelec compatible)
£125.00 £115.00
Kavo SMARTmatic S10 Kavo SMARTmatic S10
£185.59 £125.00
Kavo SMARTmatic S20 Kavo SMARTmatic S20
£194.07 £130.00
Kavo SMARTmatic S31 Prophy Kavo SMARTmatic S31 Prophy
£253.39 £170.00
Kavo SMARTmatic S81 Endo Kavo SMARTmatic S81 Endo
£278.81 £185.00
MK-dent EcoLine M4 MK-dent EcoLine M4
£275.00 £199.00
MKDent EcoLine B2 MKDent EcoLine B2
£275.00 £199.00
Tosi 1:1 Straight Tosi 1:1 Straight
£85.00 £69.00
Tosi Contra Angle Tosi Contra Angle
£55.00 £45.00
Woodpecker Curing Light Woodpecker Curing Light
£175.00 £165.00
Woodpecker scaler(EMS compatible) Woodpecker scaler(EMS compatible)
£125.00 £115.00

About Us

Nexday Handpiece Repairs is the trading name for Orbic International Limited.

Orbic International Limited was formed in 1988 and acquired Nexday Dental Repair Services in 1995 later being known as Nexday Handpiece Repairs.

At Nexday we pride ourselves on our speed and quality of our services and the quality of our products.

We specialise in Dental handpiece repairs and the supply of Dental handpieces and handpiece products.

We are independently owned and are not affiliated to any manufacturer.

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